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We currently have 7 Presenters broadcasting weekly shows covering;

Spike Man

(Mondays 6-8pm)

Join Spike Man for our Weekly Dedicated Metal Broadcast featuring News from the Midlands Metal Scene, Deep Cuts  and less well heard numbers and Music from Up & coming Metal Bands throughout the UK

Levi Knapper

(Tuesdays 6-8pm)

Join Levi Knapper for his Tuesday show alongside Grace Lawton. Featuring Live Sets and their pick of hot Up & Coming Artists

Grace Lawton

(Tuesdays 6-8pm)

Join Grace Lawton for her Tuesday show alongside Grace Levi Knapper. Featuring Live Sets and their pick of hot Up & Coming Artists

Josh Reynolds

(Wednesdays 6-8pm)

Join Josh for SUBSEQUENT SOUNDS. Playing the Newest Artists, Going against the curve. No Genres ignored, if it's new & exciting he'll play it on the show.

Grant Foster

(Thursdays 6-8pm)

Join Grant every Thursday for Local Music News, Guest Interviews & Live Sets and music from Up & Coming Artists with Gray Wolf Local & Live

Svend Morgan

(Fridays 6-8pm)

Join Svend and our listeners and tune in to our Dedicated Weekly Blues show, Live Sets & Interviews also Blues & Blues Rock from around the world



Jim Garrett

(Saturdays 6-8pm)

Join with New UK and Worldwide music  Submissions & Interviews for our Weekly Installation of our Gloucestershire Based show

Pete Carney

(Sundays 6-8pm)

Pete Carney is the Founder of Bringing You UK Music News, New Releases, Interviews, Visit the Pop Inn, share your best Gig experiences & Ring in to play Your Music


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